Our success is dependent on the quality of our employees.

In order to attain the highest degree of quality in our products, detailed procedures are in place at every step of the manufacturing process.

We hire people who are detail oriented, keen to learn their role in the company and have the determination to excel at the tasks required of them.


We pride ourselves as being a very dependable employer.

Atlantic Braids Ltd. is a family owned business which has been in operation for over 40 years.

We continue to steadily grow thanks to the quality of our cordage and the loyal support of our customers within various industries around the world.  


ISO Quality Management

Thorough training and re-training on our standard operating procedures helps to maximize the skills of our employees which in-turn improves the quality of the products they manufacture as part of our professional team. 

Regular audits of these procedures ensure strict production guidelines are adhered to and that the production processes are as efficient as possible.