SupreemX-12 The Tough Stuff


High Tensile Strength

Very Low Stretch

1/7 The Weight of Steel

Floats in water

Climbing and Rigging Lines

Get it up there with Fling-It!

Small Diameter Throw Lines
Strong & Lightweight
Super Slick Coating

Atlantic Braids Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of premier quality cordage designed for the global market.

ABL rope has strength that you can count on!


Atlantic Braids Ltd. has a large selection of synthetic fibre rope manufactured to cover a variety of industry specific needs and countless other possible applications. Whether it’s replacing a steel cable with a synthetic line on a job site, gaining an edge in competitive sailing, adventuring off the grid, or going off-road, ABL rope is designed to deliver results.


We provide rope products that work for our customers and their specific custom cordage needs. This is accomplished through our extensive knowledge of cordage and product testing, innovation and the quick adaptation of new technologies and fibres.

Consider our custom cordage ranging from 1/32″ of an inch to 5″ inches in diameter and contact us with what you are looking for.


Our production lead times are generally much shorter than the industry standard. From the date an order is accepted, most products can be manufactured and ready to ship within 2 to 4 weeks.


A quality management system is in place to ensure that every effort is taken to deliver top quality products and services. Manufacturing takes place in a safe, clean environment, with experienced workers using premium raw materials on quality equipment.