The world’s strongest fibre is now available as Black Dyneema®

The announcement of Black Dyneema® fibre adds to the irrevocable proof that DSM Dyneema® is always working to enhance and improve their products. Their news has been well received the world over, including here at Atlantic Braids Limited where all of our products traditionally made with white Dyneema® fibre are now alternatively also available with the new Black Dyneema® fibre.

Some have pointed out that ABL has been manufacturing black Dyneema® rope for years, and have asked us, “what exactly is new?”.

Black Dyneema® fibre is new and yet exactly the same as the natural white Dyneema® SK75 fibre. It has the same strengths and characteristics except that it has a black colouring integral to the fibre itself so that the colour will never fade or wear off.

Till now, Dyneema® has only been available as a naturally white fibre. Any manufacturer of a “black Dyneema® rope” (unless it was a jacketed rope) had to apply a black colour coating to the white rope at some point during the manufacturing process.  As you can imagine, a white rope coated black can often result in a dark grey rope and require additional coatings in order to reach a desired level of black. The Black Dyneema® fibre allows us to manufacture cordage that will maintain it’s dark and stealthy aesthetics with or without a coating applied.  Black Dyneema® fibre can still be given a black or clear coating of our specially formulated polymer to enhanced the abrasion resistance and durability of the rope.