Splicing Instructions

Note: These instructions are provided as guide, it is ultimately the end user who is responsible for the safe use and application of any rope. Practice and test your splices before using them in critical applications.

Splicing instructions for ropes made with high-modulus fibres

12-Strand ABL Ropes made with High-Modulus Fibres

  • SupreemX-12™ – 12-strand rope made with Dyneema® fibre
  • HeatBoss-12™ – 12-strand rope made with Technora® fibre
  • Vectro-12™ – 12-strand rope made with Vectran® fibre
  • Kourage-12™ – 12-strand rope made with Kevlar® fibre

Double Braid ABL ropes with High-Modulus Fibre Cores

  • CoreX-12™ with a braided core made with Dyneema® fibre
  • Brizo™ with a braided core made with Dyneema® fibre
  • Vantage™ – with a braided core made with Vectran® fibre

Applicable Splicing Instructions…