Polyester Fibre Characteristics

Polyester fibre (polyethylene terephthalate fiber PET) owes much of its renowned durability to the fact that it is UV resistant and does not quickly lose its strength due to cyclic loading (proper repeated use). Nylon has better abrasion resistance however, polyester performs better against the combination of friction and heat due to its high melting point.

Strength Good
Stretch Low ~3% – 8% @ 30%
Weight Heavy (1.38 SG)
Softening point 465°F (240°C)
Melting point 500°F (260°C)
Bleaches / Solvents Excellent
Weak acids / alkali Good
Strong acids / alkali Moderate
Abrasion resistance Excellent
Mildew / aging / UV Excellent / Good / Degrades after prolonged exposure

Standard ABL products made with this fibre can be found here www.atlanticbraids.com/products/by-material/polyester.

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