Polypropylene Fibre Characteristics

Polypropylene fibre (PP) is an olefin fibre, olefin fibres float on water as they have the lowest specific gravity of all fibres.

  • MFP (Multi-filament Polypropylene) – This fibre yarn is made with many long continuous filaments measuring less than 0.1mm in diameter. This fibre has a soft feel and
  • Mono-filament Polypropylene –  This yarn is made with single filaments ranging in diameters from 0.03mm to 0.3mm, products made with mono-filament polypropylene are very coarse and generally do not feel nice to the touch.
Strength Weak
Stretch High, ~15% stretch while pulling @ 30% of the minimum tensile strength
Weight Very light (0.94 SG)
Melting point 300°F (149°C)
Bleaches / Solvents Excellent
Weak acids / alkali Excellent
Strong acids / alkali Excellent
Abrasion resistance Poor – Good
Mildew / ageing / UV Excellent resistance to mildew / adequate UV*

*UV resistance can be improved by adding a UV resistant coating.

Standard ABL products made with this fibre include Brizo™, Double-Lite™.

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