Nylon Fibre Characteristics (poly-amide fibre)

Nylon fibre (poly-amide fibre) has the highest elasticity compared to other conventional fibres. Nylon has greater resistance to abrasion than polyester and a good resistance to temperatures. Unlike other fibres, nylon loses 10-15% of its strength when wet however, if unused and left to dry, the lost strength is regained once the rope has been allowed to dry completely.

Strength Good
Stretch High, ~5% – 12% stretch (dry) while pulling @ 30% of the minimum break strength
Weight Moderate (1.14 SG)
Melting point 420°F (215°C)
Bleaches / Solvents Will bleach / Degrades in mineral acids
Weak acids / alkali Resists
Strong acids / alkali Will dissolve
Abrasion resistance Excellent
Mildew / Ageing / UV Excellent / Excellent / Degrades after prolonged exposure

Standard ABL products made with this fibre can be seen here www.atlanticbraids.com/products/by-material/nylon.

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